Requisition Forms: Everything You Need to Know

July 18, 2019

  • Doctor Patient Requisition

We Accept All Requisition Forms

Did you know Insight Medical Imaging accepts all medical requisition forms from your doctor? It doesn’t matter if the form has another brand, logo, or colour on it, we do our best to accommodate all patients and get your exam completed at your earliest possible convenience.

What is the Purpose of a Requisition Form?

Requisition forms, sometimes called referral forms, are used by your doctor or local physician to communicate precisely what type of exam you require for a medical assessment. These forms direct our technologists by outlining where diagnostic imaging is needed, such as your left shoulder or right ankle. They also provide our team with important patient history and relevant information that may impact how your exam is performed. Something that might seem trivial to you, such as diabetes, possible pregnancy, or specific medication, can have a significant impact on the procedure or exam results.

Requisition forms also contain information about physical findings and provisional diagnosis that may help our radiologists interpret your exam results. Some patients may suffer an injury at work. In these circumstances, their form may also contain insurance or Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) details needed for Alberta Health regulations.

Regardless, any requisition form provided by your doctor includes valuable information required for an accurate and timely diagnosis. Therefore, it is imperative that you remember to bring this form to your appointment or send us an electronic version through our encrypted website software before your exam.

Why Do Requisition Forms Look Different?

While you may have grown up with one family doctor, your community is likely home to many different physicians offering similar services. Diagnostic imaging is no different. Edmonton and the surrounding communities are home to numerous diagnostic imaging providers, all of which have unique requisition forms. These forms may resemble the following examples:


When your doctor provides you with one of these requisitions, your first instinct may be to call and visit one of the locations listed on the form. Patients are often unaware that they are free to book their exam wherever and with whomever they choose. The differences between requisition forms are mainly cosmetic, as each diagnostic imaging provider follows their own unique brand guide with specific colours, fonts, and design styles.

Therefore, you don’t have to book your exam at the locations listed on your requisition. Sometimes calling another provider such as Insight Medical Imaging, can translate into an earlier or more convenient appointment, saving you days or even weeks of unnecessary stress.

Additionally, if you are looking for an X-ray exam, you can also bring these requisitions to any Insight Medical Imaging location, as we offer this service on a walk-in basis. We have 17 clinics in Edmonton and the surrounding area. If we’re in your neighbourhood, save yourself some time and gas by visiting one of our clinics. We will gladly perform your walk-in exam as soon as possible.

Requisition Form Benefits to Patients

While medical requisition forms help guide our team, they also provide value to you, the patient. These forms outline appointment details such as date, time, and location. Some exams require multiple appointments, which may be scheduled at different locations to accommodate wait times and help you get a faster diagnosis.

It can be easy to forget which clinic your appointment is at since we have 17 locations and you could have multiple follow-ups. To make the process easier, we outline all appointment information at the top of each requisition form. All referral forms at Insight Medical Imaging also provide clinic contact information, including an address, phone number, and a fax number.

As a patient, if you are running late, please give our clinic a phone call, as this can be very helpful. Occasionally we can get the next patient in ahead of schedule and accommodate you once you arrive.

The most important benefit to patients provided by requisition forms is exam preparation details. All four requisition forms used by Insight Medical Imaging contain specific exam preparation details outlining precisely what our patients must do before their exam. We cannot stress enough the importance of following prep instructions correctly.

You may be instructed to fast the night before, drink a certain amount of water the day of your exam, or reduce/switch your medication, sometimes a month before your exam. Diligently reading your requisition and being prepared for your appointment helps us take the highest-quality images for diagnosis.

All Requisitions are Important, Regardless of the Colour

Do what is right for you. Now that you know that you can take your requisition form to the provider of your choice, do your research and pick a location that suits you best. You are not confined to one business or another because of the colours on your requisition. Your health and well-being are Insight’s top priority, and if you choose Insight Medical Imaging, we will be sure to connect with you in a meaningful way.