MRI & CT Scan Alberta

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MRI & CT Alberta


MRI images are produced by a magnetic field and radio waves passed through the body. There are no known harmful effects from MRI.


CT scanning uses x-ray and computer technology to create multiple “slices” of your body for more accurate assessment of your organs.

Tired of waiting for that all important imaging test? We offer very affordable CT and MRI exams that can be accessed through our convenient community clinics.

Community Provided Imaging Studies are Very Reasonably Priced at Insight

Most of our CT scans range between $400 and $600, while many of our MRI scans fall between $550 and $775. We encourage you to check your insurance or employer benefits to see what kind of coverage you have for community-provided services. Please note that while we update this information regularly, pricing is subject to change without notice. Please call Central Booking for details.

Appointment Wait Times

Most studies can be performed within one or two days. Some tests, such as virtual colonoscopy, require some dietary preparation, which can take up to two days. We recommend that you discuss this option with your primary care provider, as they are best equipped to determine which tests are required. As supporters of best practice and safe imaging, we require a requisition from your doctor before we perform any imaging studies*.

*No requisition is required for qualifying patients having screening mammography.

What is MRI Scan?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create images of the body. These images can be used to diagnose and investigate disease progression. MRI uses no ionizing radiation and is the best tool to look for neurological cancers and to diagnose, stage, and follow-up other cancers. It is also an effective tool to look at musculoskeletal injuries that can occur in sport, heavy-labour work environments, or just day-to-day life. Because MRI uses magnetic fields, it is important that any medical device implants are deemed safe before having this procedure.

Learn more about the numerous MRI exams offered by Insight Medical Imaging such as abdominal MRI, Spine MRI, Pelvic MRI, what to expect during an MRI and more.

What is CT Scan?

Computerized tomography (CT) creates a three-dimensional image of a scanned area using a rotating X-ray beam. The procedure is very fast and painless. Almost any part of the body can be evaluated with CT scanning. This very useful tool can be used for primary diagnosis and disease screening. For instance, virtual colonoscopy uses CT to look for abnormalities in the colon, eliminating the need for general anaesthetic and the insertion of a scope. Low-dose screening CT studies of the chest are now being advocated for smokers. The internal organs of the abdomen are well demonstrated on CT scans, and bone structures can be evaluated in great detail.

Learn what to expect during a CT scan at Insight and important notes about this type of diagnostic imaging.