MRI: Abdomen and Pelvis

MRI: Abdomen and Pelvis 2020-06-19T12:44:32-06:00

In order to provide optimal images of the abdomen and pelvis, you are required to fast for 4 hours prior to your exam time. This means no food or water. You may have sips of water to take your regular medications if necessary. Prior to your exam, we may need to have an x-ray of your eyes if you’ve worked with metal grinders or welding in the past. If you suffer from claustrophobia, talk to your doctor about obtaining a mild sedative before coming for your exam


  • Have your AHS card and photo ID ready when checking in at reception.
  • You are now required to wear a mask for your exam. Please bring one to your appointment.
  • If you are COVID-19 positive, have a fever, or have traveled outside the country within the last 14 days, please rebook your exam by calling us at 780-669-2222.
  • A requisition (form provided by your doctor) is required* for your exam. We will not be able to proceed without it.

*Screening Mammograms may be self-referred without a requisition. Additionally, the requisition for certain obstetric exams is kept on file for that series of appointments.