Pelvic MRI

Pelvic MRI scans help doctors examine organs and structures inside the pelvic region–the space between the hip bones, where major reproductive organs and critical muscles are. In women, this exam provides information about the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. In men, this exam is used to check the health of the seminal vesicles. Pelvic MRI can also show bones, organs, blood vessels, lymph nodes, small or large bowel, and the rectum or anal area. Furthermore, MRI of the pelvis also helps doctors investigate endometriosis (pelvic pain).


During pelvic imaging, you will be moved into the MRI machine head-first, on your back. If you are claustrophobic, please consult with your doctor to see if they recommend that you take anti-anxiety medication before your exam.


Alberta Health Services does not cover private MRI services outside of the hospital. The cost of a pelvic MRI ranges from $800 to $950, depending on the need for contrast.

The need for contrast is determined by the radiologist at the time of imaging if it is determined that it is required for a proper diagnosis. The need for contrast is also impacted by specific patient history.


A pelvic MRI exam typically lasts 90 minutes. The technologist, who can hear and see you during the exam, will provide you with an emergency button so you can communicate with them throughout the procedure.

Exam Preparation

Being prepared for your pelvic MRI helps us take the best possible images for diagnosis. Please visit our exam prep page for more instructions specific to pelvic MRI preparation.

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