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This clinic is in the northeast corner of the Meadowlark Health and Shopping Centre on 156 Street and 89 Avenue. Meadowlark Diagnostic Imaging houses both of our MRI units and our CT scanner. Therefore, any patients looking for the most advanced diagnostic imaging exams will be sent to this location. MRI and CT are patient-pay and can usually be booked within one or two days. The main entrance for this clinic faces Taco Bell/KFC, and there is plenty of free parking available. If you are looking for an additional landmark, find the Safeway in the Meadowlark Centre – we are connected on the northeast side.

*Please be aware that there is construction on the LRT that may cause delays in travel. Please allow extra time to ensure you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. 

MRI: Definition and Uses

An MRI or magnetic resonance imaging test is a painless imaging method used to diagnose conditions or tumour development of the organs, tissues, and bones within the body, some of which include:

  • head or brain injuries and diseases (e.g. dementia, Alzheimer’s, aneurysms)
  • cartilage, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints (e.g. fractures, abnormalities, lesions)
  • spinal cord, vertebrae, spinal disc damage (e.g. multiple sclerosis, tumours, infections)
  • heart, arteries, blood vessels (e.g. heart disease, cancer, blood clot or blockages)

Unlike X-rays, MRI exams produce multiple clear, detailed images in 2D or 3D without the use of ionizing radiation and may be recommended when assessing internal organ damage or soft tissues. Magnetic resonance imaging tests are also helpful for monitoring cancer development and treatment progress.

What to Know Before Taking an MRI Test

Since MRI scans use strong magnetic forces, patients with certain metal devices or implants may not be able to take the exam. Those who have the following may not be qualified to take an MRI test:

  • pacemakers
  • ear implants, hearing devices
  • brain aneurysm clips or other metal clips, screws
  • body tattoos
  • bullet shrapnel, wounds
  • allergies to contrast dye or agent

It is also important to remove metal accessories, piercings, and jewelry before the MRI test.

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200 Meadowlark Shopping CTR NW
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Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Address200 Meadowlark Shopping CTR NW
Edmonton, AB T5R 5W9


Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Meadowlark Diagnostic Imaging
  • 200 Meadowlark Shopping CTR NW
    Edmonton, AB T5R 5W9
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