Pain Management

Insight Medical Imaging provides pain management to help relieve various types of joint, back, and musculo-skeletal pain. This usually involves injecting cortisone into targeted joints, tendons, or bursa. Many people report relief from pain and improved quality of life for several months after an injection, although this can vary.

Our highly trained radiologists use fluoroscopy or ultrasound to precisely locate the target area specified by your doctor. Before the injection, the area is sterilized and the local anesthetic is administered (similar to what your dentist would use for a dental procedure).

Pain management injections are paid for by Alberta Health and there is no charge to patients.

Preparing for your Pain Management Procedure

There are many things to remember before arriving for your pain management appointment at Insight Medical Imaging. First of all, we ask that you please arrive 15 minutes early, bring your requisition, Alberta Health Care Card (or out of province health care card), and photo identification with you to your exam. If your Pain Management procedure is within one week of a steroid injection, it is necessary that you reschedule.  

Pain management procedures can be lengthy and we do not recommend you operate a motor vehicle after the procedure. Patients having Bi-Lateral Hip, Nerve Root Block, or Epidural Steroid injections must arrange for a driver or other transportation following their procedure. Patients having Facet injections or Radio Frequency Ablation are not forced to arrange for a driver, however, we recommend you find one to err on the side of caution. 

Most patients receiving Joint Injections or Medial Branch Blocks should be fine to return to work the same day, depending on their occupation and injection site. Most patients are also fine to operate a motor vehicle following these procedures. If you have any questions or concerns talk to your doctor or our technologist after the procedure.   

For spine injections please avoid chewing gum or carbonated drinks on the day of your exam. Additionally, please consult with your doctor and confirm with our booking agents if you need to discontinue any medications before your exam and for how long.   

Also, it is important to inform us if you are diabetic, on any antibiotics for any active infections, or if there is any chance of pregnancy.

Pain Management Appointments

Planning your next appointment? Learn more about pain management exam preparation and find the clinic most convenient for you.