Pain Management

Insight Medical Imaging provides pain management to help relieve various types of joint, back, and musculo-skeletal pain. This usually involves injecting cortisone into targeted joints, tendons, or bursa. Many people report relief from pain and improved quality of life for several months after an injection, although this can vary. Our highly trained radiologists use fluoroscopy or ultrasound to precisely locate the target area specified by your doctor. Before the injection, the area is sterilized and the local anesthetic is administered (similar to what your dentist would use for a dental procedure). Pain management injections are paid for by Alberta Health and there is no charge to patients.

Insight Medical Imaging now offers specialty targeted assessment and rehabilitation services* through an affiliation with MDR- MSK Diagnostics and Rehabilitation. These assessments are conducted by Edmonton’s only certified clinical specialist physiotherapists**. For more information on MDR, please visit their website.

*Services are not covered by Alberta Health Care.
**Clinical specialists are certified by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. There are currently fewer than 20 MSK/pain specialists in Canada.

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